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One of the very happy people of Japan!Sadly unlike Ross, who wrote the other other Mixtape Post, I don’t receive any types of wizardry compilations through the post. Just lots of bills and a lot of discount vouchers to farmfoods…. How do they know where I live?!?!

So moving on, I thought I would share with you my favourite tracks of Tokyo. I went over there for a month and strangely I found that on the big screens of shibuya they were playing such “banging” tracks from Kasabian and the Kaiser Chiefs. These are the sort of ‘tunes’ I thought I got away from!

But as you go deeper it becomes very clear that not everyone is into that scene. Infact a mate and myself happen to walk into a rap video, which I hope never see! (Bedfordshire guys bopping in a music video must look shameful!)

Anyway we found a huge second hand cd shop that had endless cds for an average price of 200 Yen (about £1). So I bought loads, hoping to find some gems and BAM I found tons.

So below are a few of my favourite tracks that remind me of how cool the Japanese music scene really is:

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1.) Guitar Wolf – ‘750 Rock N Roll.’
(Loud Rock N Roll Jet band that thumbs feedback to the back of your brain until your ears bleed.)

2.) Plus-tech squeeze box – ‘Sneaker song!.’
(Uber happy J-pop with catchy guitar licks which would make death metal fans tap their feet to.)

3.) Polysics – ‘Urge on.’
(This track will actually make you throw your chair up in the air, toss your cat out of the window and make you try and sing their made up ‘space’ language!)

4.) The Overflow – ‘Wake up soldiers
(I can’t actually find anything about this band but they are great! Old school punk at his finest! Chant ahoy!)

5.) Melt Banana – ‘Circle-Jack (Chase the Magic Words, Lego Lego)
(Loud drum thumping, deep stomach moving bass, retro robot guitaring and high pitch squeaks. What more do you want?)

6.) Beat Crusaders – ‘E.C.D.T
(A jolly nice finish, with clean guitars that could finish your night in a good mood and give you sweet dreams)

So to listen to any of these just click on the names in the player below. Enjoy!



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