Nervous Mothers / Art Of Burning Water – Split 7″

nervous-mothers-aobwBands: Nervous Mothers / Art Of Burning Water
EP: Split 7″
Label: SuperFi
Release date: 8 April
Sounds like: Stapler to the head from a big drop

Either they’re wrestling or making fuck like Beserker. Possibly both. SuperFi Records have a knack for money-gunning new records like there’s no tomorrow. My Vitriol, take note – it’s good to release stuff, because then PEOPLE CAN HEAR AND BUY YOUR STUFF. I don’t even like My Vitriol, why am I talking about them?

Nervous Mothers then – four Belgian dudes clattering through some brutal, raw and bleeding power violence that will make you drop your guts. First track, Op Nul, is a swaying, lurch of droning feedback, sustained by a dragging, wailing riff, a background conversation about apathy and then all hell breaks loose from the dimensional portal that’s opened up. It finds its feet through the punk rock drumming, that quickly morphs into some mosh-tastic hardcore splatter and harsh vocal screeches. Born, is a lumpen, sludge-driven bark of twisted and blackened metal, whilst their final track, the 37 second smash of Waves, tears through like a tornado; in a fervour of Weekend Nachos-aping grind-punk thrash that can’t wait to reach the inevitable and sweaty conclusion.

Keep It Fast favourites Art Of Burning Water contribute just one track to this release, but that’s all they need to make their mark really. Peeling the skin back, they reveal to the world what The Melvins would sound like if they only listened to crust-punk in a darkened room filled with meth. At just under 3 and a half minutes, Oppressor takes a trip through the rotting and darkened forest of doom; phlegm-gargling vocal rasps, deep bass cuts that gouge and fester, with this harrowing, rock ‘n roll depression struggling to burst its way out through the mire. It’s menacing, despondent and filled with loathing, ending with the kind of horrific, spluttering scream you’d expect from a 70’s gore-fest. Stomach-churning, ravenous noise right there.

Download for “pay what you want” or spend your hard-earned beer money on the 7″ from SuperFi Records. Go on, treat yourself.


Nervous Mothers
Art Of Burning Water
SuperFi Records

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