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After trawling the ‘net for information on emo-rock types, Renee Heartfelt (featured here, in a very weepy article written by me) I recently discovered a new band featuring vocalist/guitarist Pete Appleby, named Memorial. With the 3 other members of the ‘Heartfelt crew concentrating on their Cloak/Dagger (scrappy, angular punk rock) musical project, re-creating Renee MK.2 seems to be the plan for Mr. Appleby.


Memorial’s sound is somewhere in the realms of sounding like ‘emo when it was good‘ and not the overly polished, watered-down, haircut fuckwits that plague the covers of Kerrang! these days. Obviously, I’m going to make the apparent Rival Schools ‘sound-a-like’ due to the band’s crunching guitar riffs as well as Appleby’s distinctive vocal talents, which remind me of Walter Schreifels to a certain extent (albeit ever-so-more melodramatic and crestfallen.) Two tracks are up on their myspace player and a non-acoustic version of the track ‘Spades‘ is on the Flightplan Myspace page.

From the looks of things, FlightPlan records have only been established recently, so they only have a small discography, mainly consisting of three pop-punk orientated bands, each with their own twist on the genre and Memorial could be the start of an expanding profile for the small label.

As far as releases go, according to their myspace, Memorial plan to release their LP as two EPs, one as a 7″ and the other as digital downloads (it always amazes me when bands do this, make it deliberately awkward for you to obtain their tracks, ah well, it’s a bit of fun I suppose, or a right headache if you don’t know what the hell vinyl is.) Also, they appear to be part of a three-way split with Elemae and Belgium’s Soon, which is to be released on Enginee Records. See here!

So, if you fancy some headstrong, powerful emotion rock music, that still sounds a little young, but has plenty of room for progression, then check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed. Links below.


Memorial Myspace
Engine Records
FlightPlan Records

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