I’ve felt the hate rise up in me! It’s Nu-Metal. (Part 2)

That’s right, its time to find those tattered criminal damage baggy trousers and over sized “fruit of the loom” Slipknot hoodies while I reminisce with a small tear in my eye about the bands that manly of us thought were unstoppable… Of course most of them are shit now.. Below is a brief look at some of those memorable bands:

Band: Static X
Static XTime Active: 1994 ”“ Present (however did not release their first album until 1999)
Sound: Heavy pounding repetitive riffs that thump at all pacemakers within a 12 mile radius. A vocalist that spits out so many words at a high speed that I wonder if he has mastered the art of ‘inward singing
High Points: ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ sold over one million copies in the United States alone, and was certified platinum in 2001. This brought a huge instant injection of fans, including myself (like many I’m sure) having the logo as a tattoo on my 18th birthday!
Low Points: Losing their more industrial edge with their yawnathon 4th album ‘Start a War’. Then before the album was released  to the public, guitarist Tripp was fired due to two sex scandals which added publicity for all the wrong reasons.
Fast Fact: Vocalist Wayne Static is known for his vertical hairstyle in which his hair is held up in a vertical position with hair spray, a process that takes about 20 minutes to complete.
Where are they now?: Still going strong in America with thumbs up all round on their 2007 release ‘Cannibal’, the return of original guitarist Koichi Fukuda and now recording their 6th studio album!

Band: Coal Chamber
Coal ChamberTime Active: 1994 – 2003
Sound: Early work was every teenagers rebellious dream. Chunky goth-edged tracks often blended with nightmarish Korn-themed guitar twiddles. The lyrics were also dead easy to remember and sung in a way which everyone thought they could impersonate. Later work seemed forced, a effort to listen to and above all boring.
High Points: Making a “I want money” move and going for a more “accessible 2nd record” named Chamber Music. With a pat on the back from guest vocalist Ozzy for their cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey,” this launched them into the mainstream with notable radio airplay to boot.
Low Point: The second album sounded like a watered down shit version of the first!
Fast Fact: The term “nu metal” was first used for a review of a 1996 Coal Chamber concert in Spin magazine in the form “new metal”.
Where are they now?: In June 2005 Singer Fafara stated that Coal Chamber’s hiatus is permanent and will not be reforming at any time in the future. He has also described a Coal Chamber reformation as “like repeating the 4th Grade again”. He is now in groove metal band DevilDriver. Guitarist Meegs Rascon went on to form rock band Glass Piñata.

Band: Crazy Town
Crazy TownTime Active: 1995 – 2003
Sound: A selected carbon copy of other bands. They possibly just brought Linkin Park’s debut album and tried to perform it themselves. Oh and to make sure no one cottoned onto this they put a couple of Xzibit’s tracks in to give it that “real street” feel.
High Point: Their third single “butterfly” from their debut album (which uses a small sample from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Pretty Little Ditty”) peaked at number 1 on the American Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2001. Everybody from bakers to the homeless couldn’t get the fucking riff out of their head as it was played all the time.
Low Point: By the time the second album Darkhouse came out in 2002 nobody  gave a shit. As predicted it flopped, and like a tiny wet fart against a flame it faded.
Fast Fact: There have been many lineup changes, with a total of 9 different people playing over the 9 years they were active.
Where are they now?: They have all gone and created already doomed bands and there is talk of a new Crazy Town album is in the guff-filled air with the title “Crazy Town Is Back”…. Oh dear…

Band: Powerman 5000
Powerman 5000Time Active: 1991 – Present
Sound: Like flicking through a vast selection of 1950’s sci-comics while the guitarist punches you in the back of the head on his down stroke to the industrial beat. The tracks are full of meaty riffs and electronic beeps and samples that still leave you hungry for the next track. However they have now moved away from their industrial roots and now focusing on a more pop punk feel.
High Point: The release of second album “Tonight the Stars Revolt!” brought the track “When Worlds Collide” into every teenage boys bedroom as it was featured on the “oracle in a disk” Tony Hawk 2! This over the endless months playing it would leave even kids that only enjoy Snoop Dog wanting more of Powerman 5000! Oh and the album did sell over a million copies….
Low Point: The third album had to change its time of release due to everyone illegally downloading. But then after a new release day had been announced singer Spider canned it deeming that it sounded too much like its predecessor.  Because of this two long term band members Dorian 27 and Al3 left.
Fast Fact: Frontman Spider One is the younger brother of Rob Zombie.
Where are they now?: The band are now recording their 6th Studio album with only Spider One as the original member.

Band: Slipknot
SlipknotTime Active: 1995 – Present
Sound: The first words I ever read about them was that they were the “sickest band in the world!” I wouldn’t go that far, but for a 16 year old with my only music store the local Woolworths, I was hooked! The steady textbook guitar grinds were nothing to talk about, but mixing turntables with baseball bats against crates and faster-than-fast drums has really got them where they are now. To finish off the tracks Vocalist Corey used overly angry husky rap/shouting to make every teenager having puberty issues feel that he understands everything your little mind is going through.  Now I demand that you punch a brick wall and then do a shit on the neighbors front lawn.
High Point: The debut album hit England like a kick to the love spuds! Within about 10 minutes of the release everybody was wearing t-shirts, hats, gloves and even fake beads induced by the 9 man army (that may be a lie)
Low Point: The release of the second album lacked everything that the first had pouring out of it, however it did reach no.1 in the uk charts so at least their satin lined pockets were not affected…
Fast Fact:  When sampler #5 Craig Jones has been asked what he would do if he wasn’t in the band he has answered in two forms: “If I wasn’t in the band today, I’d be driving forklifts in a warehouse all day long.” and “I’d probably be out killing people!”
Video: Click on the video below to watch a live version from my personal favorite track ‘Spit it Out’… Just look at that pit!


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