Only Fumes And Corpses – Selfish Act I

Band – Only Fumes And Corpses
Album – Selfish Act I
Label – Lockjaw Records
Release date – April 2012
Sounds like – we’ve got some half-priced…

Disappointed to find out this band didn’t consist of Del Boy on lead vocals shouted through a mobile phone, Rodders on astro turf and Uncle Albert playing a ship’s horn.

Only Fumes And Corpses are a 5-piece from Ireland. In their world, the notion of a chorus is a completely alien concept. What isn’t alien however, is the speed at which the listener can be mashed into a bloody, twisted pulp. That, is Only Fumes And Corpses goal. Brutal, direct and uncompromising – ‘Selfish Act I’ is 13 tracks in around 11 minutes.

There’s a mad-eyed, wild-dog ferocity to this. Teeth-bared, intense hardcore that rushes past with no grace; just jagged, uncomfortable destruction. It’s as though each song is on fire and the quickest way to extinguish it, is to rollick through it as fast as possible.

They owe a hell of a lot to Some Girls and not just because of the briefness of these tracks. It’s the bluntness – the corrupted dark hardcore attack that’s on offer. Vocally, it’s not as spluttered, but channels a hoarse bark of defiance and scathing fury.

I admire the style at which they attack their music – ‘Full Circle’ is a fairly, dense chugging face-punch of barrelling riffs and exploding, blast-beat drums, whereas ‘Smile Forever’ kind of follows a more gang-vocal/poppy bounce, whilst still being fairly heavy, it feels a lot more unified and bonded in brotherhood. ‘Self Medicate’ is a riot of angst and bludgeoning terror condensed into 34 seconds, whilst ‘Blinded’ is screwed-up guitar riffs smashed so hard into each other, they splinter.

‘Lost Generation’ is what you would get if you trimmed all the fat from an entire Hatebreed record and just kept the good stuff – i.e. huge crunching riffage, speed-metal licks and some truly unhinged soloing stuck in for good measure. ‘The Lush Part 2’ reminds me strongly of hardcore upstarts, Touché Amoré – that same rigorous, concentrated attack on the senses, but a lot more direct and blunt. ‘The Lush Part 1’ is the stamping, weighty lurch of a band beginning to break away from the speed in places, before staggering back into a heady mix of frantic malice.

Bare-bones, rattling hardcore punk that will rattle the teeth in your skull – Only Fumes and Corpses are a wrecking crew of haste and chaos.


Only Fumes and Corpses
Lockjaw Records

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