PABST / Autisti – Split 7″

03_CSR005_1250x1250_Front_StickerBands: PABST / Autisti
EP: Split 7″
Label: CrazySane Records
Release date: 1 September
Sounds like: Pedal-stamping, slacker-grunge shred.

Surely one of the best kept secrets in the underground music scene is CrazySane Records, right? This little Berlin-based label, run by Chris Breuer of ear-bothers HEADS. has been quietly releasing some great records, split 7″ and EPs over the last few months and slowly building up a name for themselves. Two bands they’re currently waving a distorted flag for are Berlin trio PABST (them of Skinwalker fame) and Swiss indie-rockers, Autisti who have contributed a track each to this new 7″.

Dipping their toes into the water of grunge, PABST throttle a murky and slovenly drawl on Exciter. As bass and guitar bleed into each other, creating this heady stoner-fuzz mix of bending and crunching bong-water flavoured noise, there’s a real 90s feel to this shifting, feedback-coated slab of raw power. Vocalist Erik Heise alternates between spitting his words and lovingly crooning them at the listener, whilst this heady-space-rock mix repeatedly slams home this chunky and embracing warmth of slacker-punk delight.

Everything is dipped in sunshine on the leaf-rustling crackle of Autisti’s Dealbreaker; or so they would have you believe…the dual vocal attack is wonderfully scrappy and bristles with joy and elation, backed by some gloriously uplifting scuzzy, indie-pop. You can imagine this first 2 minutes or so sound-tracking some kind of road-trip movie. As the guitars build and build though, it starts to peel off the tracks – the drumming becomes more erratic, the guitars write a scribbled and jumbled mess of conflicting words and stabbing, indescribable shapes as they warp, twist and burst through this spectrum of psychedelic cosmic battery. Woah. This spirals out of control and soon your face will resemble that of the cat on the very cover of this 7″. What the hell did I just listen to?

Enjoy a snippet of both tracks here:

The PABST and Autisti split 7″ is out on 1 September through CrazySane Records. 

Those of you in Europe can catch PABST and Autisti on tour from the end of August…

Aug 29 Club Schon Schön, Mainz
Aug 30 Astrastube, Hamburg
Aug 31 Plaque, Leipzig
Sep 1 Internet Explorer, Berlin
Sep 2 Baracke 5, Ilmenau


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