PABST – Ibuprofen

Yeah, so as the Descendents quite clearly stated, “everything sucks today.” Well, it has for the past 3 and a half years, thanks gammons. Anyhow, to clear away those blues, what about some punk rock from Berlin? Some of our readers might remember the name PABST, a trio of noisy kids from Berlin who released the excellent Chlorine (reviewed here), Skinwalker and a split with Autisti!

They’ve been working on new material, and Ibuprofen is their new single and retains much of what made Chlorine such an infectious rush of slacker-grunge pop goodness. The high energy and almost sugary-rush to Ibuprofen seem to promote the pain-relieving dizzying highs of the drug and is the ideal soundtrack if this particular pharmaceutical struggles for sales. Channelling the raw-garage rock of FIDLAR, with those familiar scuzzy-pop punk sensibilities of early Weezer, Nada Surf and rose-tinted glasses, PABST has slam-dunked another surging rush of their brand of feisty, raucous and grinning energy. Watch Ibuprofen below.


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