New Wave Racket: Polysics Live!

Band – Polysics
Support – Fight Like Apes, The Ghost Frequency
Location – London, The Spitz
Damage – �10.50
Drinks – average

New Wave Racket: Polysics Live!The sweatbox proportions of the Spitz mean that tonight’s gig is going to be a grim smelling affair. But it’s not the aroma that is important; it is the music.

Due to losing my way, I miss all of The Ghost Frequency’s set; however, second support act, Fight Like Apes are ready and waiting.

They kick off with an ambient drone piece that splices the heavy fuzz of My Bloody Valentine and some ear-bleeding distortion. Thank god for earplugs.

It’s bludgeoning, but soon relents into a discordant wall of noisy rock. Throughout their set, Fight Like Apes entertain the crowd with their screeching, synth-based music and somewhat eccentric and erratic stage presence provided by dual vocalists/keyboardists Pockets and MayKay.

The band find their feet early on; and with the comical “Fish and Chips’ song and a superb cover of Mclusky’sLightsabre Cocksucking Blues‘ that utilizes the band’s angry bass/drum attack brilliantly. The somewhat twee-sounding “Lend Me Your Face’ brings their stage time to an end and they leave in good spirits, eager like the crowd, for the headliners.

New Wave Racket: Polysics Live!Let’s not beat about the bush on this; Polysics are one fantastic live band. I’ve never really been won over by them on CD however.

They’ve always come across as too sweet; too sickly; sugary to the point of making the next few trips to the dentist terrifying.

Thankfully, Polysics seem to have consumed this sugary rush, and churn out (despite the dodgy sound quality in places) one of the most energetic and fun gigs I have ever been to.

Vocalist/guitarist Hiroyuki Hayashi, is a phenomenal frontman; bouncing around the stage as if his legs are made from pogo sticks, twirling his instrument around his head like a baton, singing as if his life depends on it.

New Wave Jacket‘ is a rollercoaster of pure j-pop madness, computer game style bleeps flood through the speakers, interspersed with absurdly over-the-top guitar solos and anyone who isn’t dancing like a maniac is clearly deaf, dead or not here.

Other highlights include the wacky “Coelakanth Is Android‘, the glitchy and wonderfully summery “I My Me Mine‘ and the delicious and most outrageously pure-pop song ever, “Baby Bias‘.

A surprise cover of “My Sharona threatens to bring the Spitz to its knees with the commotion it causes, as people are practically jumping off the walls at this point. By the time Polysics finish, everyone is reduced to a tired, sweaty heap.

The kids stagger to their feet in a vain effort to drag themselves valiantly towards home; grinning manically, all knowing they have just seen one of the best live bands ever.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Polysics owned this thing we call ‘music’ tonight. Superb.



Sadly when keep it fast filmed this the sound didn’t come out. So what you hear is the actual track that they were playing which we have put over. Enjoy the pure jumping energy of ‘I My Me Mine’


Polysics or Die!!!!!
Fight Like Apes
The Ghost Frequency

By Ross Macdonald

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