Ratpigeon – Dinosaur Therapy (video)

Called “the best name in the business” by the Biggleswade Chronicle and “abysmal” by Graham Matthias of UKSubs.co.uk, Ratpigeon are a band that are well recognised. (In fact, we interviewed them 6 years ago!) Simply mention their name to any person in the Beds and Herts area and watch as their eyes glaze over in wonder/fury/lust/terror (sometimes all 4).

Why in hell are we talking about Ratpigeon? Well, they’ve only gone and made a music video.

If you like the sound of plastic dinosaurs being poured on to crotches, Jack ‘The Machine’ Murray pulling a face (3:39-3:41), Graeme Ball trying not to look at the camera, Luke disrupting a chess match and Two-hands Tom pretending he has extinct lizards for hands, then Dinosaur Therapy is for you.

Ratpigeon are available for weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, satanic rituals and furniture warehouse openings (not these last 2 are technically the same thing).


Ratpigeon doing the hits


Lizard Hips

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