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Great selection of tracks this month. Kvelertak return (please start bowing and chanting “we are not worthy”), also Megachurch are my new favourite band, plus Lost Society are comedy gold, Turbogeist – true punx and Fights and Fires, Next Stop Atlanta, Eager Teeth and Coastline all completely boss. BEERS TO YOU GUYS!

Kvelertak – Bruane Brenn

God, has it been three years? THREE LONG YEARS waiting for new Kvelertak material. ‘Bruane Brenn’ not only doesn’t disappoint it exceeds all expectations; you will want to hug someone during its mighty four minute racket of punk-meets-metallic rock ‘n roll, flap your wings like a mighty owl on the classic rock breakdown and roar along to lyrics you don’t understand. Honestly, finding a song with equal, let alone more raging passion and ferocity than this is going to take some doing. Why do other bands even fucking bother?

Buckcherry – Gluttony

Tattooed fiend Josh Todd’s Buckcherry return churning out more of the same. ‘Gluttony’ is big, sleek, arena-blasting rock in a similar vein to Velvet Revolver. The chant of “I want it I want it I want it, I need it I need it I need it” will start to grate (hey, I get the song title ok?) but it’s still a strong, punchy, party anthem.

With One Last Breath – Until The End

Generic, soulless nonsense that frankly, I’m amazed is given the time of day. If you’re going to have absolutely no originality at all, at least put some effort into it.

As They Burn – Dream Collapse

At least there’s some burning fire in this. Lumpy, chugging metalcore is the path being well and truly furrowed right here, but it has that spiky, acidic edge and some fairly guttural vocal belches. Heavy yes, but somewhat directionless and a slog to absorb.

The Plot In You – Premeditated

Lyrics are a bit “waaaaaaaahhhhh” for my liking. There’s a bit where The Plot In You just make some straight up hardcore, that sounds pretty good, but it’s spoilt by so ‘woe is me’ and preachy and not something I’m ever going to want to investigate.

Fearless Vampire Killers - The Prince: Diamond Dust and Crimson Reign

Wait…this is a band? GOOD LORD. Utter garbage – and that’s the nicest review I can give this really.

Megachurch - Receive It

Goddammit, that’s a great band name. Oh man, this is excellent, seriously. What I thought were really weird spoken-word vocals, turn out to be samples of ranting fanatical preachers. Also, there’s no guitars, just two bassists and a drummer, making instrumental stoner-rock debauchery, backed by evangelical seething. You need this, good lord do you need this.

Lost Society - Braindead Metalhead

😀 About as serious as a vegetable that’s been grown into a rude and amusing shape, Lost Society are thrash metal fed through a comedy filter. It’s like Anthrax with a sense of humour. This is a pounding, squealing, shredding racket of over-driven fun, made even more amusing by the chant of “BRAINDEAD! METALHEAD!” Apparently the album is called ‘FAST LOUD DEATH’ and features a comical grim reaper riding on the back of a camper van. Why haven’t you bought this already?

Turbogeist – Black Hole

Ticking all the correct boxes, Turbogeist rock like absolute bastards. The Winnebago Deal-style speed and guttural, whisky-soaked punk rock pounding is superb. Throaty backing-vocal howls and some cocky guitar shredding in the vein of Pulled Apart By Horses will guarantee stage-diving chaos. Awesome, so, so awesome.

Coastline - Chapters

Only downside to this is the fact the vocals sound like any other emo-band. I mean, is that tone such a staple nowadays? It’s a small quibble, but in fact, Coastline do a really great job at tapping into the emotional-punk market. ‘Chapters’ is full of heart and a pacing, breathless chorus and it sounds so much like summer – a good job too, because it’s miserable at the moment.

Eager Teeth - Golden Tongues

Eager Teeth sound like they should be on Big Scary Monsters – it’s not tappy emo though, it’s more the in the vein of Hot Water Music without the scratchy vocals. The grit exists in their post-hardcore throwdown, scrappy punk rock attitude and a fair chunk of melody and the kind of chorus that soars and soars.

Fights And Fires – Back Bone

Top notch rock ‘n roll from Keep It Fast favourites Fights And Fires who sound like they’re having far too much fun. Bouncing, raucous good times in the same vein as The Computers and The Drips; this four-piece slip metallic guitar licks into their jagged, rabble-rousing punk with precision slickness.

Next Stop Atlanta – Get In The Van

Tribute to Henry Rollins? Most infectious chorus award goes to Next Stop Atlanta, whose pop-punk is old-school Ataris hooks, and the speed and joy of a band who sound like they fell off an American Pie soundtrack. Imagine a faster, more riff-laden We Are The In Crowd, bursting with delight and enthusiasm.

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