Born To…Listen To Rock Sound CD 124

I went to school and got an A, I ate a hamburger and said hooray (copyright Onstad)Are these getting boring yet? (Cretins are welcome to post ‘yes’ in the coments box).

The Gaslight Anthem ”“ Great Expectations

I kind of made a mistake the last time I listened to The Gaslight Anthem by dismissing them as ‘Deep Elm Fodder.’ In the words of Social D, I was wrong. They’re tagged with the Springsteen bullet ”“ both in vocal delivery and their unrelenting swagger. There’s also a strong, not really Irish-punk jaunt, but in that vicinity. Like Small Arms Dealer, if they were more optimistic.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster ”“ Just A Shock

Really not sure about this. I really like that whole ‘southern RAWK’ thing that bands like He Is Legend/Every Time I Die seem to be doing and Maylene seem to fit that category, but the vocals seem a bit off. Whilst they sound as if the deadly toll of cigarettes has left him with this husky drawl, it’s more a breathless throaty struggle that would probably end in a Bob Fleming coughing fit. The chorus is however, top notch.

Enter Shikari ”“ Zzzonked

I’m surprised ”“ Enter Shikari actually sound okay on this. Goodbye to the ‘sub-par metalcore band who’ve left a ministry of sound compilation on whilst in the recording studio.’ Hello to the ‘reasonable sounding metalcore band, with a vocalist doing a feeble Mike Skinner impression, whilst headbutting a kaos pad and humping a microkorg.’ The last 30 seconds are the best part of this.

Alexisonfire ”“ No Rest

I reckon the tracklisting must be wrong ”“ this does not sound like Alexisonfire. If it is them, then vocalist George Pettit has been drinking whisky everyday and punching cats in the face. Some nice backing vocals, but not enough Dallas Green. What happened to the atmospheric guitar swirling, bendy noises? Apart from that, it’s a great, fast-paced hardcore track, but seems to be a step backward really.

Poison The Well ”“ Exist Underground

\m/ Yessssssssssss. It seems those problems they had with half the band leaving have been solved then. Some excellent vocals from Jeff Moreira, who changes from a soothing wash, to bile-spitting rage and murderous growling. Credit to Ryan Primack’s guitar-playing, which twists with their trademark, heavy-hardcore edge, whilst Chris Hornbrook’s drumming treads familiar ground with that of  the heavier side of stoner rock ”“ ace.

People In Planes ”“ Mayday (M’aidez)

Choppy ”“ very choppy. The drumming sounds incredibly deep and foreboding, whilst the squealing electronic elements come into their own just before the chorus kicks in, steering the track away from the typical Errors-style electro-rock and more into a atmospheric shriek like that of Peace Burial At Sea-sort of. Singer’s voice cuts through the mix cleanly, which is surprising considering the layer of sound. Would listen again.

Future of the Left ”“ Arming Eritrea

(See album review) “COME ON RICK, I’M NOT A PRIZE, I’M NOT CYNICAL ONE OF THOSE GUYS!” If this opening froth of welsh bile doesn’t erode your face off, then the grinding bass-heavy fuzz should burrow a guitar-shaped rut through your chest and burst out your spine.

The Butterfly Effect ”“ Window And The Watcher

Nothing to do with Ashton Kutcher, thank fuck. Sounds a bit like P.O.D and Opus Dai to be honest; although there is a really fucking awesome breakdown about 2 minutes in. Vocalist Clint Boge (yes really), has a decent set of lungs on him, which seem slightly wasted on this rather plodding, standard hard-rock effort.

We Were Promised Jetpacks ”“ Ships With Holes Will Sink

At last, a band that ACTUALLY sounds like where they come from! The Scottish accent cuts through this track like a hot knife through haggis ”“ vocalist Adam Thomson’s disgruntled shout is reminiscent of an old soak hitting the right notes at the right time. The noisy, jangled-indie rock fits perfectly, with the drums and heavy bass-work the most prominent aspects aside from Thomson’s whisky bark.

Fact ”“ Reborn

They wear masks! Wacky! No. It’s been done, sorry. Hang on”¦moment of genius coming”¦.THAT guitar bit near the end is 100% excellence. The rest is too fucking standard emo/heavy rock to be honest. They’re Japanese, which means it scores a point for not being totally derivative, but to be honest, if you swapped the singer for some mincing, floppy haired American it would sound like anything from the good ol’ US of A. Poor form.

Suicide Silence ”“ Smoke

Well, the drums sound better than last time ”“ i.e. the up-turned biscuit tins have been replaced by an actual kit with skins and proper cymbals! Unfortunately, it’s still complete and utter gunt, despite it being as tight as a gnats chuff. Also, he could be singing about literally ANYTHING or repeating the lines “hahahahaha you’re all utter retards for buying this shit.” I blame Bring Me The Horizon and every metal band ever. And you. And your mum.

Hacride ”“ To Walk Among Them

Man, I love me some French heavy metal ”“ can’t get enough of it! Actually, the only French bands I’m familiar with are Gojira (\m/) and”¦.er”¦.Hacride! I like this, some killer breakdowns, crushing riffs and generous amount of slovenly drumming and some nice epic passages of slow grind. Chalk it up as a good ‘un.

Goes Cube ”“ Grinding The Knife Blade

BACKING VOCALS TRIUMPH! Absolutely love the transition from the guy who can sing, to the shouty-rant of someone who sounds like they recorded their vocal contribution inside a really echoy church. Honourable mentions to meaty post-hardcore torrent that encompasses this all ”“ two thumbs up.

Alabaster Suns ”“ Royal 6 In Hand

Absolute bag of old pig cock.

Clutch ”“ Abraham Lincoln

Clutch soundtrack the march to war. Clutch soundtrack some reckless hoodlum doing 90 in a 30mph zone. Clutch soundtrack the sight of a 25 year old man air-drumming and headbanging in his house with a big stupid grin on his face. This is my first time listening to Clutch ”“ it won’t be the last.


Watched a film by Michael Bay, I brush my teeth everyday.”

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