Breaking News! RFTC Live CD/DVD Release Date!

RFTC!Yes folks, get ready to slap a healthy wad of bacon fat in your hair and style that quiff, get that black shirt/white tie combo, with the white braces out of the cupboard and perfect your best ‘WOOP!’ because Rocket From The Crypt have apparently set a date to release the posthumous CD/DVD package of their last ever show, recorded on Halloween back in 2005. According to Pitchfork Media, on February 26, the San Diego sextet will release ‘R.I.P.‘ through Swami Records and Vagrant, which they were part of for the Group Sounds and Live From Camp X-Ray albums. The extensive set list features 26 Rocket classics that spanned their 10 album career (yes,’On A Rope’ is featured!)

Also, more news on the new ‘formally-known-as-Speedo’-project: an album release date is expected on the 25th March, followed by tours and maybe a trip to Europe! Woo! Yeah!

I leave you with some more RFTC related video-goodness in the form of the trailer released by those wonderful people at Vagrant Records:



Source: Pitchfork Media and Punk News

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