Some girls and the blood brothers call it a day?

Some girls and the blood brothers call it a day?A warning to all that have a great taste in music and is in a bad mood today, do not read any further! Of course you may have a tiny clue on what I am going to talk about (by looking at the title) and it is a sad story with hopefully some good news at the end of it 🙁

Word from various members of Some Girls is that they have officially and quietly put the band to rest which is a real shame as in the interview we had with Justin Pearson at the end of July he said that:

“Some Girls is working on new material. Not sure if its an ep or an lp, but once the new year starts I’m assuming that Some Girls will start touring again.”

Then as I was wiping my eyes in the knowledge that one great band had stopped I was informed that The Blood Brothers had just quit and that the drummer, Mark Gajadhar “hates [his] own band.” This is actually a mix up from NME as they found out about the post that Justin Pearson had made on the Three One G forum:

“i dont have buttons to be pushed anymore.

the blood bros broke up.

holy molar probably will not do anthing else. mark hates the band.

GUH is working on new stuff.

i heard that wes has a new project. nathan was telling me, something like “chrome jesus”? maybe im wrong.

sal is in geronimo and its so amazing.

i write my name at the end of my posts becuase this computer is open for anyone working at three one g to post on. so if its say “jp” its me, jp. if it does not, its not me.


So even though he states that Blood Brothers have called it a day, he was referring to Mark McCoy of Holy Molar hating his own band.

But there is hope as the Blood Brothers management have stated:

“They are taking a break currently for the rest of the year and will make any final decisions or announcements next year.”

Keep it fast hopes that they are having a grand time relaxing/making Halloween costumes and thinking about the fantastic music they have made so far and then all shout at the same time “Lets get touring again!”

If you have not seen them before, take a look at our live review when they last came to England!


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