Some Girls talk pissing off Australians and broken noses!

Some Girls talk pissing off Australians and praise from film directors!San Diego’s Some Girls have been kicking around the music scene since 2003, ruining ears with their vicious take on punk rock. Formed by Three One G boss Justin Pearson, some regard the band as a “super group’ due to various members (past and present) belonging to many now-defunct popular hardcore bands, (notably vocalist Wes Eisold from Give Up The Ghost)

Some Girls are well known for their “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ grind/hardcore style (as well as their refusal to fit into a “scene’) meaning that they are well suited for those with attention deficit disorder, with very few songs reaching past the minute mark. Listening to their sophomore effort, “Heaven’s Pregnant Teens‘ is a bit like being in a fight you have no chance of winning – brutal, blunt and about as subtle as a brick to the face, they do not mess around.

Keep It Fast managed to contact Justin to discuss name confusion, pissing off Australians and unexpected praise from film directors. Read on!

1) If you were going to perform in a club knowing they have no idea who Some Girls are, what would you do to make an impression?

It’s interesting that you ask, see Some Girls has some confusing times with that of “Juliana Hatfield’s Some Girls“. There were times when we would be billed to play and all these sorta college bound women would turn up. So right off the bat, we bummed people out, but there were times when we were billed on festivals like this one in Australia.

It was one turd after another on the bill. The only good band was the Hard On’s from way back in the day. Anyhow, one thing lead to another. First, people yelling shit at us, then throwing stuff, then violence broke out when we were throwing stuff back, and then we “Deathfaced” the audience for 20 minutes.

To top it off, throwing everything back into the audience that was thrown at us resulting in a broken nose by some guy in the crowd, my ass being exposed and then us being detained and threatened until the police showed up. At that point, the cops just didn’t understand things and told us to split. If I believed in luck, I’d have to say that we were pretty lucky.

Some Girls talk pissing off Australians and praise from film directors!2) When you playing such tracks such as ‘hot piss’, burning up the chords faster then a granny on fire, do you pose for camera or is it all ‘el natural’?

Well first off, I’m not sure that song is all that fast. Better yet, a granny on fire does not sound fast either. I don’t pose when playing live unless I’m bored and that pose would be a joke of some sort.

3) Have the audience ever been more frantic than your performances?

I don’t know.

4) Have any of the band members had any injuries during your performances? If so do they play on?

Yes, and yes.

5) What is the best thing someone has said to you after you have played?

John Waters came to see Some Girls on our last tour and said that we were good actors and that we were a smart band. Never heard those kind of compliments but coming from him, I was stoked.

6) Does the band have any plans to come to England?

Not at the moment. I’m doing stuff for the locust’snew erections” still. But Some Girls is working on new material. Not sure if its an ep or an lp, but once the new year starts I’m assuming that Some Girls will start touring again.

Thanks a lot for your time, I will of course be at the Front for the London Locust gig in September and I hope Holy Molar come back one day 😀

Cool, thanks a lot. Take care. jp


Fantastic! above is one of the highlights from the ‘Heaven’s Pregnant Teens‘ album titled ‘Dead in a web’. If you haven’t already buy the album now!


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