Stuntman / Art of Burning Water – Split EP

Bands: Stuntman/Art of Burning Water
EP: Split
Label: SuperFi Records
Release date: July 2018
Sounds like: throwing up in a skip. Being on fire forever. 

Those good people at SuperFi Records have delivered more goods in the “how to get loads of complaints to your house because of that ungodly racket” in the form of a new split EP featuring the delights of Stuntman and Keep It Fast favourites, Art of Burning Water.

I so want to headbang to this, but after seeing Oh Sees the other night, my neck is ruined. Time will heal, but Stuntman don’t have any time or patience for that matter. This French mob from Sète are utterly ruthless and barbaric with their sound. Instead of a voice, it’s a cacophonous rasp of ragged, gargled hate – it splurges out in a vicious spray, toxic and corrosive to the ears. Instrumentally, Stuntman dredge the murky reservoir of sludge-grind, dragging their guitars through the slime, making for a gloriously dense and grisly attack on the senses. Near the end it sounds like they’ve sampled a load of power tools to add to the aural assault – an absolute gut punch.

Self proclaimed “noise making twats” Art of Burning Water are that rabid dog attack of grim, murderous sounding misery, especially on the mouthful that is The Death Of Unconditional Love In The Age Of I-Me-Me. Maybe it’s the frothing mad bass work or the bruising, pummeling and desolate hardcore throwdown that brings up feelings of remorse and loathing, who knows? It’s a scything slovenly slab of noise that blisters and crackles at the edges perfectly. Their cover of Deep Wound’s 1982 hit Don’t Need is a splatter of rolling blistering, spitting, roaring fury packed into a tight and scathing 38 seconds. It’s so fast, if you left the room for a split second and came back the song would be over.

If you’re in need of something that’s akin to the sound of a drumkit jumping up and down on your neck then check out this Split EP below, free to download, innit.


Art of Burning Water
SuperFi Records

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