Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 185

The Rock Sound CD reviews are baaaaack. What’s hot this month? Well, We Are The In Crowd and I Am The Avalanche bringing some punk rock delights, Architects and Buried In Verona getting all shouty, Wild Throne for being fucking spazzcore lunatics, Nothing sounds LOVELY, Weathered Hands and Broker getting gnarled and gritty and Sea Bastard chugging DEM RIFFS.

Rock Sound 100% Volume: 181

This month’s CD is jam-packed with good. The only duffer is the first track by I See Stars, which is a load of old toilet. You definitely need to check out Black Dogs, A Wilhelm Scream, Hildamay, A Lot Like Birds, Malevolence and Into It. Over It. All good eggs as far as I’m concerned.

Rock Sound 100% Volume: CD 180

Interesting month this one – Digits, The Mayday Parade, Emperor Chung, Knuckle Puck, Vamps, Gates, Bear and Protest The Hero all do a good job and are worth checking out.