Sonisphere 2014 – Friday 4 July

I am finally home from Sonisphere after spending what felt like an age in a car park queue topping up the tan on one of my arms. Things like hot running water and a cup of tea are taken for granted far too much when you’ve spent four days coating your body in dry shampoo, using baby wipes and eating bruised apples, washed down with warm Carlsberg.

Rock Sound CD 100% Volume: 179

This month, Deaf Havana, Touché Amoré, Kids In Glass Houses, TRC, State Champs, 65Daysofstatic, Modern Life Is War, The Charm The Fury, We Never Learned To Live, The First and The Red Paintings are all worth checking out. As is Grand Theft Auto V, which spoiler alert: you steal cars on.