Keep It Fast’s best songs of 2015…so far.

Greetings person or persons that stare at the screen. Welcome to Keep It Fast’s best songs of 2015…so far. Here’s 20 or so to kick you off, featuring: Torche! KEN Mode! Hawk Eyes! En Garde! METZ! No Spill Blood! We Never Learned To Live! Axis Of! Disasterpeace! And So I Watch You From Afar! Brawlers! Faith No More! Adventures! And more!

Alright The Captain – Contact Fix

There are sudden pattern shifts, time changes and deviations from the norm that make Contact Fix by Derby’s Alright The Captain an exciting and fascinating listening experience. Opening track, Toaster Mouse, is built around a steady, squelching synth-bass line that rises and falls with giddy abandon, whilst the tappy-math rock guitar weaves trickery and pitch-shifting bite throughout..

Rock Sound 100% Volume: 197

This month, the hardcore punk of Statues and Sick Feeling get a thumbs up, as does the pop-rock beauty of Fort Hope and Daveit Ferris, Alright The Captain and their oddball instrumental shift, Himself and their bonkers ramble and Kings and Sirens In The Delta for their stoner-rock ‘n roll fury.