’68 – In Humor and Sadness

There’s a moment on In Humor and Sadness, the d├ębut album by ’68; where you can hear an amp finally giving up the ghost and power down. It just snuffs right out near the end of 04. R, cutting out in a pop-of scrawling, mangled feedback, whilst vocalist and guitarist Josh Scogin manages to strangle one last cry from it during its death rattle.

’68 – Midnight 7″

Taking their name from a ’68 Camaro that Scogin’s father once owned, ’68, are a somewhat departure from The Chariot’s math-rock, spasmodic shape-throwing contortions. Don’t think though for one minute that ’68 are at the opposite end of the spectrum – the raw, jagged bruised scrape is ever present, yet in a more stripped down, ramshackle form.

The Semper Teens – Somebody

Somebody is four tracks of pop-influenced garage punk, that doesn’t sound a million miles away from Cassini’s previous band, albeit it’s a lot more direct and less erratic compared to Kill Kenada and their bonkers time signatures. Opening track Somebody, has a bass-driven surf punk vibe that you can imagine soundtracking a surfing wipeout video montage.