The Get Up Kids – Kicker

Kicker, by The Get Up Kids is a four track, 14 minute EP of tightly packed anthems laced with longing, tingling nostalgia.

Yearbook – Old bones

Two chords into this EP I went ‘oh yeh pop-punk/emo like that other song of theirs I could be anyone’ then the third chord came and shat on that hypothesis. It was discordant but not that heavy, what it really reminded me of was Inme, remember them?

Mayors of Miyazaki – Holy Cop

Brimming with a sunny disposition, shades of Mineral, Cap ‘N Jazz and a guitar tone that will have you reaching for your copy of Variations on Swing; the oddly named Mayors of Miyazaki (possible reference to this dude) are an unpredictable but intriguing package.