Strike to Survive – Yesterday’s News

In some ways this band remind me of Raised Fist in the relentlessness of the vocals. But the guitar sounds are of a much more traditional punk nature, you can even hear some acoustic strings in ‘Ringer’, there isn’t the super-beefy down tuned metal distortion some bands resort to and I’m actually quite glad.

THE HELL – You’re Listening To THE HELL

‘Furious’ is one word I would use to describe this suitably chaotic offering from THE HELL. Apparently a supergroup, featuring UK punk rock and hardcore’s finest, although I’ve only managed to research members of Gallows and Lower Than Atlantis being amongst THE HELL’s tribe

Hemorrhage – Chapter One

I feel there should be a strong emphasis on the r(h)age in Hemorrhage’s moniker. In fact, it should be capitalised at all times, with at least several exclamation marks. Hailing from Huntington Beach, Orange Country, this four piece (consisting of vocalist Philip, guitarist Vinnie, bassist Rain and drummer Andres) define their genre as ‘anger’, which is spot on. Chapter One is 7 tracks in around 13 minutes and it’s absolutely punishing.

Dandelion Beer.

Axis Of – Finding St Kilda

What grabs you about Finding St Kilda is how immediate it is; a huge thumping, crunching rush of excited, exhilarating sounds packed into 34 minutes. Axis Of display their nationality on Finding St Kilda like the roaring explosion of a fireworks shop going up in flames – the accents of drummer Ethan, guitarist Niall and bassist Ewen are so strong and expressive, full of warmth, heart and endearing passion.

Arms And The Man – Blood Junkie (Debut Video)

Hertfordshire-based Every Time I Die-loving, popular beat-combo Arms And The Man have gone and recorded a video! Blood Junkie depicts a little girl traveling to the band’s show and commencing to have a one-man (girl) mosh pit – all flailing limbs, swinging hair and seems to be copying every move made my madcap frontman, Ben Davies.

Funeral For A Friend – Conduit

Now with a modified line-up (only vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye and guitarist Kris Coombs-Roberts remain from the Casually Dressed-era) Conduit is Funeral For A Friend’s 6th album and also their shortest. Clocking in at just over 29 minutes, with the longest track being 3.37 (the superb High Castles) it doesn’t hang around.