Ampwrecked 12: New Music For Your Ears

On Ampwrecked tonight, presenting the following bands doing all the hits, all the time: Mutoid Man, Le Galaxie, Brad Pot, Christian Fitness, ’68, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, HCBP and Gouge Away. Enjoy mortals, enjoy.

Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud

With the kind of mystic aura that would take out a herd of Tyrannosaurus Rex’s just by lifting one armpit and uttering an almighty belch, Workin’ Man Noise Unit are a stagnant, crunching unit of topless, maddening energy and scene-bating destruction.


The kind of punishment drummer Hayden Menzies inflicts on his poor kit makes you wonder if he’s got some boiling hatred burning inside for his particular piece of percussion. You see, on METZ’s first album, cunningly titled METZ, he is the frontman of the band – or rather, his drum kit is – thumping out a barbaric and unrelenting cacophony from start to finish.

Cal Banda – Another Minute Made Fiasco

The only way to keep Cal Banda still would be to nail them to the floor. This Birmingham four piece have a collective attention span that can be measured in nano-seconds. Erratically charged, their debut EP, Another Minute Made Fiasco is four tracks of spasmodic fits and starts, rampant battle cries and shredding, nerve-racking disorder.

Cayetana/Red Seas Fire/Turbogeist – Singles round-up

It’s that time again – a quick run-down of bands that you need to cram into your ears immediately. Red Seas Fire bringing riffs, riffs and more riffs than you can shake a guitar at; Cayetana and their delightful shrugging jams and Turbogeist’s howling wolf-punk. So, let’s do this or something:

’68 – Midnight 7″

Taking their name from a ’68 Camaro that Scogin’s father once owned, ’68, are a somewhat departure from The Chariot’s math-rock, spasmodic shape-throwing contortions. Don’t think though for one minute that ’68 are at the opposite end of the spectrum – the raw, jagged bruised scrape is ever present, yet in a more stripped down, ramshackle form.