Besta/Englemaker – Split 7″

According to Englemaker’s facebook they “tune their guitars to C# like Master of Reality, listen exclusively to Bolt Thrower and the ZZ Top Eliminator album, and are currently planning to come and lay waste to your town.”

Worlds Scariest Police Chases – NOFX and Out Come The Wolves Dookie

I can’t work out if there’s 6 or 7 people in this multi-headed hydra of shouting and cheap beer, but whoever the personnel are that make up Worlds Scariest Police Chases, they’re having a better time than anyone else on the planet, and this, their second album, is proof of that.

Strike to Survive – Yesterday’s News

In some ways this band remind me of Raised Fist in the relentlessness of the vocals. But the guitar sounds are of a much more traditional punk nature, you can even hear some acoustic strings in ‘Ringer’, there isn’t the super-beefy down tuned metal distortion some bands resort to and I’m actually quite glad.

Hollow Truth – Prometheus Bound

Dublin-based ‘Bray Area Thrashers’ Hollow Truth cite Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags and Slayer as their main influences, all of which shine through clearly on this neat little two-tracker of thrash punk.