We Never Learned To Live – Silently, I Threw Them Skyward

Curling up into a ball and hoping it will all go away is the name of the game. Dour feeling-experimentalists We Never Learned To Live are that ever flickering, blue screen of death breakdown you were warned about but still you install the corruption without a thought, claiming “it won’t bother me, not one bit.” Yeah, good luck with that.

Keep It Fast’s best songs of 2015…so far.

Greetings person or persons that stare at the screen. Welcome to Keep It Fast’s best songs of 2015…so far. Here’s 20 or so to kick you off, featuring: Torche! KEN Mode! Hawk Eyes! En Garde! METZ! No Spill Blood! We Never Learned To Live! Axis Of! Disasterpeace! And So I Watch You From Afar! Brawlers! Faith No More! Adventures! And more!

Rock Sound CD 100% Volume: 179

This month, Deaf Havana, Touché Amoré, Kids In Glass Houses, TRC, State Champs, 65Daysofstatic, Modern Life Is War, The Charm The Fury, We Never Learned To Live, The First and The Red Paintings are all worth checking out. As is Grand Theft Auto V, which spoiler alert: you steal cars on.