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That's what I think to your Blue Screen of DeathMissing a support band at a gig is a double-edged sword. It can be a relief (example – you thank the gods you didn’t have to stand watching that musical car-crash) or it can be steel toe-capped kick in the shins – painful, for about a million years. This was somewhat how I felt after missing The Computers, but gig clashes are inevitable and sometimes we have to live with the decisions we make!

For a band with such a geek-centric name, their musical style is the polar opposite of what I was expecting. Naming your band after something made of “spiders webs and magic” (Superhans) is an instant wrong-footer in that respect. The Computers are a four-piece punk rock band from Exeter, who sound like a sexual combination of Henry Rollins-era Black Flag playing Rocket From The Crypt songs. They also give nods towards howling rock-n-rollers, The Turbo A.C.s combined with frantic speeded up, physco-billy punk. In fact, this pretty much kicks the ever-loving shit out of most punk bands I’ve heard recently. It’s quite malevolent, sharp and incredibly tight, with some gorgeous bass lines and guitar flourishes that make them stand out from the quite stagnant crowd of Epitaph-by-numbers, carbon copy posers.

They are also almost impossible to search for on the Internet, which gives back links to various operating systems I should be interested in as well as discounts in PC World.

Currently, the band appear to be unsigned (lord knows why) and their only material seems to be a self-released single/ep on their myspace page, which you have to message the band to get hold of. With dates in France and a gig supporting double-bass-toting oddballs, The Peacocks, catch hold of The Computers and their runaway train of riff-tastic, gritty punk rock.


I’m doing a terrible job of describing/writing about this band, so I’ll just leave you with this video of them, put together from tour footage.



The Computers Myspace

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