Never judge a Horror by its Hair size

Never judge a Horror by its Hair sizeLike everyone here at Keep It Fast, I like to listen to anything and everything that is recommended to me, or if there is a huge buzz about it. Who doesn’t? However it seems that sometimes a band suddenly becomes ‘God Like’ within about 2 weeks of anybody hearing them and suddenly is the next big thing since Jesus.

This can be said for Southend Horror punk surfers The Horrors. Like a Granny seeing half price off knitting wool, The Horrors have fired up everywhere, mainly such magazines as NME.

If you asked any NME lover they would say that they ‘rock harder then anything ever and if you say otherwise, I will give you burning stares until you think otherwise’. So naturally I thought that they would suck.

Buying the album would of been out of the question, but seeing it in the little local library for a pound rental, I thought I would give it a chance 😉 .

I put in the cd and cleared my head from any thoughts that it was over hyped and……. It wasn’t that bad!

I was very impressed with the first half of the album, as it reminded me of sounds Herman Munster would have loved to have on in a drugged filled monster rave! As the second track “Count in Fives” thumps on you now picture yourself clamped in for a creepshow ride as the theremin flicks into overdrive and Vocalist Faris Badwan screams out the eerie lyrics.

This smoothly slices through onto their official first single “Gloves”. With a moody tempo and crisp guitars you know that great thought, precision but mainly fun has been put into this!

But as the polished coffin wheels wildly rotate along to the road of success, it seems that they are in full knowledge of this and so it becomes a little lazy.

Such tracks as ‘She is a New Thing’ and ‘Gil Sleeping’ seem to grind along. This makes the album sound a lot longer then it actually is. Plus on the very horizon is the latest ep/live album ‘In the garden’ from the Kings of Gothic Rock Psychobilly, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

These could really slide up the bench mark for the The Horrors, but with their average age of being only 20 and already having a big selling album, who knows what the 2nd album will sound like!

Below is a great video I found of them singing my favourite track ‘Count in Fives’:

Why is no one happy to see them??


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