Who the hell are The Locust?

The LocustThese were the words that dribbled out of a young lad with a painfully tight Skull t-shirt on as I walked out of the local supermarket.

One odd thing was that my t-shirt was indeed a Locust one, but the name was not mentioned on it, so he must of seen a cd somewhere in the local HMV and not dared buy and listen to its wisdom.

This maybe the case as I am sure it is proven that if you listen to Fred Durst for over a week, then your brain will not cope with anything else in fear of your head imploding.

The other odd thing was that he smelt of piss….

So for those who do not know what an awesome band The Locust are, lets see what Wikipedia has to say about them:

The Locust’s music is complex and fast-paced, featuring abrupt and inconsistent time-signature changes. These erratic elements are, according to guitarist Bobby Bray, “a reflection of perhaps how our brains have to function in order to be able to do anything in the Western societies we live in.”

What I think they are trying to display to the world is that they rule. Again like previous bands that Keep It Fast have looked at it seems that they don’t care what anybody else thinks about them.

As Justin Pearson bends backwards, practically touching the back of his feet with his head, stickman Gabe Serbian smashes his drum kit to pieces, you know exactly what the crowd are saying to one another:

‘you know what? That was some strange shit those bug looking people played…. I liked it!’

But why listen to me blabber on, have a look at this video and let the Keep It Fast team know if they do indeed rule or if we are just looking through Justin Pearson tinted glasses.



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