These are the rains you’ve read about….

Thanks to it pissing it down for what seems like forever, the festival I was supposed to attend at the weekend was cancelled. (Yeah, yeah old news, I know. DO ONE!) Yes, the wondrous Truck Festival had to be postponed to the 22nd-23rd of September due to the campsite being completely flooded and incredibly dangerous. Have a gander at the picture below to see what I mean.

Truck Flooded

So after rainfall of biblical proportions (obviously God is getting back at us for not praying hard enough and not drinking enough communion wine) I felt compelled to put together a mix of songs for those readers of Keep It Fast to download and enjoy/look miserably out the window and sing/nod their head along to.

Not much else to say really, link below…click to commence download. This will be up for 7 days then it will be no more….

I bought a new tent as well. (Not that there was any chance of me ever pitching it!)

*puts head in hands* (Roll on September 22nd!)

Link to Summer & Rain Mix

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