Trent Reznors reaction to NIN music used at Guantanamo Bay

Trent Reznors reaction to NIN music used at Guantanamo BayAfter news has broken out that ‘rock music’ including Nine Inch Nail tracks are being played at earsplitting volume, over and over, 24 hours a day, Trent Reznor has this to say:

It’s difficult for me to imagine anything more profoundly insulting, demeaning and enraging than discovering music you’ve put your heart and soul into creating has been used for purposes of torture.

If there are any legal options that can be realistically taken they will be aggressively pursued, with any potential monetary gains donated to human rights charities.

Thank GOD this country has appeared to side with reason and we can put the Bush administration’s reign of power, greed, lawlessness and madness behind us.

Some artists are not offended by their work being used to torture. “If the Iraqis aren’t used to freedom, then I’m glad to be part of their exposure,” James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica, has said.


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