UpCDownC – Black Dracula video

Ah yes, it’s that time again to not feel scared and look terror in the face and not scream. UpCDownC look down upon you with their giant floating eyes of milky-white death and only pity you. This terror train of film-noir-horror-post-metal debauchery released a video last year for their track, Black Dracula, as featured on the gloom-laden terror of last year’s I, Awake and their self-titled EP from 2015.

From the trippy and unsettling visuals and pop-art paper cut outs screeching in terror, floating eyes, hypnotic pulses of energy, splattered blood and horrific screams, this new video created by graphic designer, Jimmy Bridges certainly fits UpCDownC’s unique and warped style perfectly. The matching of the snarling, gnarled feedback with the TV static is wonderful, as is the blood that slowly pours down the screen over the wailing keys as the banishment and the breaking of the curse finally takes hold. See for yourself and absorb it all in its chilling glory.


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