New to our website!

James Stag ManAfter a ‘Fandabidozi‘ stag do weekend in Dublin having some sweet irish beers, the keep it fast team are back and fruity as ever!

That is a bit of a lie, tad knackered actually!

Anyway while we were blowing bubbles in a mans pub like any manly man would, we had our technical crew add a few extra functions to the site!

First is the rating system where you can give the posts a star rating. So if you feel reviews done by Ross are like a breath of fresh air, but Mad Mac’s reviews like a bitter dripping egg, let us know by simpy clicking on the stars.

Next: if you enjoy something that keep it fast have written, there is a ‘email this post‘ function where you can email a friend and this will give them a direct link to the page you have just looked at.

So keep your eyes peeled as we review the Polysics gig in London and find out what Mad Mac is angry about this week…. It could be YOU… It won’t be… Or will it?

No it won’t…. Sorry..


I like nothing more then eating caviar, riding around in my speedboat and having money fights with all the cash I have..

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