USA Nails – Live At Smalltown America

USA NAILSYOU PALM THEM OFF ON ME! PALM THEM OFF ON ME!” yells vocalist and guitarist Steven Hodson. Something has irked this man and he wants to share his disgust with everyone, particularly on the 90 second rant of new track, Work Placement. 

Yes, it’s USA Nails, and yes, it’s more of their twisted, howling noise to contend with – wonderful stuff. With guitars, squealing and contorting like they’ve fallen off the last Hot Snakes record, London’s USA Nails still drag through the gritty, menacing, chewed-up mess of sound they call music and it sounds even more volatile and frantic in a live setting.

This live album, helpfully entitled Live at Smalltown America, is nine tracks of  them ripping through choice cuts from their wonderful debut Sonic Moist, whilst chucking in a few new ones, b-sides and scathing wit. “Let’s here it for sleeping bags!” rejoices Hodson before they tear into the piss-smelling punk rock of Chain of Command (see the video above). Other acceptable rants include a pummelling run through of microphone-twisting lead single, Sometimes I’d Rather See It All and a furious, bludgeoning splatter punk assault to the senses in the form of Am I A Man Or Not?

USA Nails’ debut album, Sonic Moist is available to purchase on vinyl and MP3 from Independent Music and for those retro-hipster jags, you can get it on tape from Unwork Records.


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