Euronymouse from White Mice spills more live antics!

Euronymouse from White Mice spills more live antics!Only a few days ago the keep it fast team interviewed the mighty Mouseatoungue , bassist/screaming Mouse from Providence Noise band White Mice.

But we have just received another email! This time from Euronymouse, the drummer who has made us cry with laughter and joy from his live stage antics!

If you haven’t read the first interview please do as not only is Mouseatoungues questions bizarre but we also talk about who the group is if you don’t already know.

So kick back, have a tea, scone, or slab of meat and enjoy the interview:

Keep it fast: When you walk onto the stage to an audience who doesn’t know who you are, how do you try and make an impression to the crowd?

Euronymouse from White Mice: I do my Stevie Wonder, then My Micheal Bolton Impression, I need a Wig for that one.

When people describe White Mice, the first thing they mention is the awesome mice faces. But when you are on stage what is more important: The look or the energy of the performance?

More Importantly, its how the energy itself looks during performance, Like when You see Orgy Auras and shit.

Is there any classic bizarre stories of anything that has happened on stage or backstage?

Shit dude, ever try and Light your farts on fire, that always leads to some good adventure, especially if you actually try to light something on fire with your flatulence.

Yes we have Bled and feathered the audience (Cocheese squirts blood out of his eyes) Got us banned of course!

Yes we’ve had a PinkRabbit Pinata of doom the size of a volvo the audience destroyed once filled with Passover Matza and Intestines and t-shirts and shit(literal), last year there was the Fancy Fest in Providence, we threw Fancy Feast at the audience, 12ft long Blowup Kiddie pools with slides filled with blood and toys,Competitively snorting lines of red ants, (cause we heard Elvin Bishop did it once).

Just mainly lots of destruction through means of Fire and disgust, in whoreshipping our Lord, Cheesus Miced the slavior,with our other Bladder-Day Taints.

Has there been accidents when you have performed?

I play with Saw blades so yeah, “OOOOoops, sorry, did I cut all your new chords?” and”Whats all this hot liquid shooting on me, oh yeah its my own blood, haha silly me.”

What is the best thing someone has told you at the end of a show?

“You Give me Nightmares” or “I came during your set” or “I’m wanna Rape your Brain”, “I Love to hate Your band” “Are you fucking My dad” ,”You Mice are just wrong” (and If they see my Impressions) That Barbra Striesand Impression was great, Can you do Al Jolsen…., no, what about Al Jorgensen?


Fantastic stuff! To prove everything Euronymouse from White Mice is true below is another live clip taken from Massart 12.09.06 (special thanks to urbanmonsters, but sorry for the first few seconds of blackness, its worth the wait!)


There is also talks of White Mice touring England in October/early November. Lets just keep our little paws crossed!


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