White Mice talk 9ft pink rabbits and exploding drummers!

White Mice talk blood squirting, 9ft pink rabbits and exploding drummers!White Mice, (not to be confused with these) are a three piece noise rock band from Providence, Rhode Island; home of everyone’s favourite drum “n’ bass ear bleeders, Lighting Bolt. The band is quite clearly, insane.

Their live shows involve them dressing up in lab outfits smeared in blood and wearing mouse masks to hide their faces, whilst making terrific amounts of noise with a bass, a synthesiser and a drum kit.

They seem utterly obsessed with these cute, furry rodents and notable references are strewn throughout their existence (see their “micespace” website, and various song titles such as “Mousetrap‘ and “Mousestassh Ride‘).

Having had the opportunity to listen to their mice-sic, it’s a bit like being sent through hell, riding on the back of a Raticate, something that not even Slayer could manage. Good work! Keep It Fast writer Jason managed to blag an interview with Mouseatoungue, the bassist.

This is how it went:

Keep it fast:
When you walk onto the stage to an audience who doesn’t know who you are, how do you try and make an impression to the crowd?

from White Mice: we turn on the amps

When people describe White Mice, the first thing they mention is the awesome mice faces. But when you are on stage what is more important: The look or the energy of the performance?

stab mostly at the performance, the masks are blindfolds

Is there any classic bizarre stories of anything that has happened on stage or backstage?

fire, lightning bolts, orgasms, blood squirting eyes, zombie audiences, 9 ft pink rabbits, amps falling down, burning wires, 18in speakers catching on fire, kool-aide parties, unholy mass, clownpools filled with blood and toys, dead amplifiers, mice on fire, exploding drummers, slippery fingers, featherbombs…you name it.

Has there been accidents when you have performed?

we wear helmets for protection, and have not knocked anyone up while playing…uh..yet.

What is the best thing someone has told you at the end of a show?

I Came!

Excellent stuff, and for your listening pleasure here is White Mice playing at massart 12/09.06:


Special thanks to kbonami

The team at keep it fast hope that White Mice come to England one day and if so we will be ready!…. With industrial ear plugs, camera and moshing boots!

In the meantime check out the White Mice micespace or their Load Records band page and have a listen to their tracks NOW!


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