Wikipedia Band Creator Part 1

Here are the rules for those of you who don’t frequent forums or have any idea what this is about:

1. Open Wikipedia and click ‘random article’: whatever pops up, CONGRATULATIONS! That is your band name.

2. Next, open the Wikiquote page and guess what? Click ‘random quote’. Select the last few words from the last quote at the bottom of the page. This is your album title.

3. Finally, open Flickr, click the ‘last seven days’ link and select whatever picture you fancy from the first page.

Done. Yet another pointless exercise brought to you by bored office workers and plane-pointing students. Here is my ‘band’ and 3 of their albums (note I rejected my first 3 hits which included ‘List of National Basketball Association players with 40 or more rebounds in a game‘; ‘Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards 1998‘ and ‘Henry Clay McCormick.’:

Balzac Is A Romantic


Balzac Is A Romantic‘ – pretentious first album, complete with blurred black and white cover art, fancy text and an overblown sense of importance. Contains Winchester Magnum Rimfire’s best songs because most of them are early demos. Destined to be disowned several years down the line because the band have ‘matured.’ – What a bunch of fucks. Contains the single ‘Actebia balanitis.’

They Can’t Get Rid Of Us That Easily


We come to the difficult second album where amazingly the title just about matches the cover. New musical direction on this; ditching all the good bits that made the debut so vital and embracing a new sound that sees this sophmore effort either universally panned or lorded as the greatest thing since the N64 by people who’ve never heard the first one which has since been deleted from the universe.

Getting Used To Reality


Despite having the best cover and title, this did not chart. Band split a month after its release.


Flickr Last 7 Days

By Ross Macdonald
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