Feel the softer delights of Noise Pop – Wizardzz

Feel the softer delights of Noise Pop - WizardzzWhen ever you think of Noise Rock playing live you can image a few things that must be always present:

1) A small group sparked up on ‘natural drugs’ covered in duck tape and cardboard screaming ‘yyyeaaaaah kgiaigzai!’
2) Someone who is somehow asleep in the corner from beginning to end.
3) A ‘Manly’ smell that seeps into your best t-shirt forever.

However this could change (very slightly) thanks to the lighter side of noise – Wizardzz

As this is one of the many side projects of Brian Gibson, known for his crazy bass skills in noise band Lightning Bolt and owner of Load Records, you would think this would be another ‘knock your teeth out’ set of loud loud tracks.

However you would be wrong. Well a little…..

He actually takes a step to the drum side and lets Rich Porter (from Bug Sized Mind) step onto the “how many keys can you fit” keyboard and endless guitar pedals. While Porter dresses up as a large Japanese Warlock, slicing his keys into the future, Brain relaxes, bashing away in costume resembling a fireman!

But of course to look like a fireman he uses a rubber mask of a random guys face with a rubber fireman’s helmet to suit!

Their sound thumps into play as the drums are less drastic and you feel like dancing to it, rather then your brain popping due to complex radical speed changes. As the drumming has a continuous tempo it gives a chance for the keyboards to kick in. It seems like a bizarre mix of classic carnival tunes mixed in with a feel good gaming factor. Maybe Nintendo would have a good chat to these guys if they hear of them?

Before you think they are more like kittens playing on soft luxury pillows, Porter straps his vocals onto such tracks as featured on mp3, Whispers from Wallface, making his voice sound more like a windscreen wiper whipping your ears in stereo format, than any human that I know of.

So click below and have a listen for yourself with the mp3 Whispers from Wallface:

This is taken from the ‘Hidden City of Taurmond’ album which you can purchase by clicking here


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