Worlds Scariest Police Chases – NOFX and Out Come The Wolves Dookie

Band – Worlds Scariest Police Chases
Album – NOFX and Out Come The Wolves Dookie
Label – A-F Records
Release date – out now
Sounds like – GreenRancidFX, video footage of cars ramping off bridges and exploding.

Subtlety isn’t something Worlds Scariest Police Chases deal with much. There’s no hidden agenda here, no smugness, no private joke – although you do get a weird feeling that they’re laughing at you and your shit haircut. As album titles go, it’s probably the best I’ve heard all year and also a potential lawsuit waiting to happen, but that wouldn’t be very punk if Tim Armstrong complained – I know Fat Mike would fucking love this though.

I can’t work out if there’s 6 or 7 people in this multi-headed hydra of shouting and cheap beer, but whoever the personnel are that make up Worlds Scariest Police Chases, they’re having a better time than anyone else on the planet, and this, their second album, is proof of that. From the brash gang-vocal handcore chest-bump swearathon of Blackin’ In (“FUCK THE MAN! FUCK THE MAN!“) to the seething thrash Gorilla Biscuits parody of closer Start (Fucking Yourself) Today – this is 24 brief and frantic minutes down the rabbit hole of volatile and abrasively funny punk rock.

Tracks such as the brutally fast Robocop, which describes a cough-syrup swilling, drunken police officer are spat with gleeful raucous fury, utilising the dual-vocal trade-offs brilliantly, whilst Americunt is 49 seconds of chewing out corrupt law enforcement with the same venomous thrash of Propagandhi. Gay Jesus For President has one of the best opening lines ever in the form of “5000 years ago, when the earth was covered in snow, Jesus and Moses wore fur coats, and rode around on god damned dinos…” and the blistering Guttermouth-punk rock splatter is utterly infectious and stupid in equal amounts. You’ll be chanting “JUST A GAY DUDE ON THE BUS! BUS! BUS!” for weeks after hearing this.

The glorious DIY-celebrating ethic of Punk Rock Ruined My Life has the juvenile scrappy riffage of early NOFX and thunders past with the speed and intensity of Minor Threat. In fact, Ian Mackaye and Tom Gabel (Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!) are named checked as a “true punk rock legends, for their art, live like peasants!” To be honest, I could write out all the lyrics to this song; their finger-pointing, anti-commercial punk message is roared to the heavens and the horn-driven gang-vocal chant of “we would love to drive/ to your town and play for free/bands that ask for money/are not ok with me!” is a fist-pumpingly excellent. It’s not going to win WSPC any friends, but I honestly don’t’ think they care.

This is 24 brief and frantic minutes down the rabbit hole of volatile and abrasively funny punk rock.

A lot of issues surround No Dads, No Bastards – a dense, hardcore stamp of juvenile ‘the reason you suck’ directed at parents, whilst the bass-driven bounce of Fuck You Dad, is a big middle-finger to a jerk-ass, abusive patriarch hidden beneath a wall of angry, bile-spitting punk rock fury.

It’s hardly deep-thinking, thought-provoking lyrics on offer – in some respects, NOFX and Out Come The Wolves Dookie is one-dimensional comedy-anger targeted at ‘the man’, but sometimes you want something you don’t have to think about; something that involves picking up a guitar and making as much offensive noise as three-chords allows and Worlds Scariest Police Chases are just that band.

NOFX and Out Come The Wolves Dookie is currently available as ‘pay what you want’ on the A-F Records bandcamp site. Or if you fancy actually giving them dollar bills, order it here in different colours and treat yourself to a ‘punk rock ruined my life t-shirt.’

Go on, do yourself a favour, get the beers in and put this on loud with your bros and piss your neighbours off.


Worlds Scariest Police Chases
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